Spring Growth

Dear Friend,

Spring is certainly upon us. Here in the south, the nights are still chilly and the furnace is still turned on, but we already have to get out our lawnmowers. The post-equinox growth is epic!

God has arranged the world and ourselves for growth, it seems, and when the time for a certain plant to grow arrives, it fills up the world with itself before it goes away again. Our lifespans are longer, so it’s harder to see the same forces playing out in our lives, but they certainly do.

And as I’ve told you before, the time for growth in music and musicianship is during a child’s early, formative years. A young child needs to hear beautiful and lively music, and to have the opportunity to move to it in creative ways, especially in the crucial preschool and kindergarten years.

We tend to think of “learning music” as the same thing as “learning an instrument.” But for a young child the emphasis does not need to be serious study of an instrument, unless that child makes his attraction to a particular instrument very clear. Not every child will develop into a musical prodigy, but every child is moved by music. His intellect will be activated by engaging in musical activities, making him a better learner.

What we want is to acquaint children with:

  • hearing and producing beautiful musical sounds
  • perceiving and keeping a steady beat to music
  • listening and moving to beautiful music that speaks harmony to their souls.

These are the kinds of activities that build both music appreciation and competency.

Blessings in this season of resurrection. We are excited to announce that our Spring Frolic course is arriving soon!

Best Regards,

Ms. Ruth

Ruth Purcell
Certified Instructor
First Steps in Music