Want to know what keeps me up at night?

Dear Friend,

Last June as the reality of the ramifications of the pandemic began to register, I started getting worried about the children of today. What are today’s babies learning as their brains register people’s masked faces, not able to see their smiles? How are we going to explain to today’s children that caution and fear are not the same thing, that we don’t have to be frightened of the people around us, when everything we are doing is teaching them fear? 

But above all, as a music educator, I began to be anxious about what children are missing at a crucial time in their development, because of the interruption of their schooling and the loss of societal staples like Sunday School and summer camps. So I recorded this video and I would like to share it with you now. 

Since recording the video, my husband and I have gone on to produce and release three seasonal early childhood music courses of eight lessons each, plus a sample class. The fourth and final course in our year’s project, Spring Frolic, will be available at the end of this week!

Best Regards,

Ms. Ruth

Ruth Purcell
Certified Instructor
First Steps in Music