First Steps in Music Classes

for ages 4 to 8

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Our current project focuses on music education for ages 4-8. We spent the pandemic year creating four seasonal courses of 8 lessons each, and delivering them via online video.

We are using the curriculum First Steps in Music developed by Dr. John C. Feierabend after decades of research on music learning in children.

Preschool through primary grades children are those most jeopardized by social distancing, and who can least afford to miss out on quality music education for the formation of their hearts, minds, and souls. Music learning is best absorbed from birth to around age 9, with the kindergarten year being the most important for acquiring pitch competency, beat competency, and artistic understanding. These skills in turn affect both language and mathematical learning, since music experiences engage both hemispheres of the brain.

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We believe our music courses address an important component in the formation of children which is lacking in modern public education. The ancient Greeks considered music one of the pillars of a basic education for any child. It was never regarded as either a “frill” or as something only for an elite of super-talented individuals.

Our Courses

Seasonal courses help a child to observe what is going on in nature throughout the year!

Each lesson takes the child on a journey of song and movement. The singing sequence includes vocal development, learning simple songs, and vocal improvisation. Some of the movement activities include experiencing musical form through simple choreography done to classical music, and games, poems or songs that help the child keep a steady beat. Every lesson ends with a story-song (songtale) sung by the teacher as a cooldown to end the class.

Spring Frolic

This course begins with a lesson on the Resurrection, as new life returns to the earth in the icons of nature that the Lord has given to us. Other lessons touch on the birds returning from winter migration, baby animals, spring rain, and more, all the way up to the end of the school year.

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Summer Fun

Our summer course was recorded outdoors! The challenges of extraneous noises were sometimes daunting, but it was worth it to get up close and personal with nature. Songs and movement games reflect the themes of each lesson - picnics, field trip to a farm, family travel, summer camp, and more.

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Autumn Colors

Autumn is full of harvest activities, finding native fruits, apple picking, a visit to a pumpkin farm, All Hallows Eve, and much more. The themed lessons are full of folk songs and traditional movement games that reflect this season, and ease us into colder days.

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Winter Dreams

Beginning with Groundhog Day, the winter course celebrates the season with songs and poems about snow, Jack Frost and his icicles, and winter sports. The last few classes help make the transition to a new season with lessons about mud, birds in winter, and hibernating animals waking up!

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